If you don’t want your small type to look like it’s hiding something, if you really want it to be read, it takes some extra effort, because all type programs default to settings for creating full-sized text.

Here’s a roundup of our favorite tips and techniques for switching to InDesign.

There’s a common misconception that bigger files need more resolution than normal print jobs—this is simply not true.

How to can make your own animated background.

When we take a picture, all we’re doing is recording light.

Design Makeover is a column at Layers Magazine. Each issue features three designers and their ‘makeover’ for a client in need.

So, if you want to create something realistic, study the world around you. Understanding how things should look is a matter of going through life with your eyes open.

Plaster Surgery BEFORE Client: Timeless Finishes — www.timelessfinishes.com Stanley Rachwal started his Venetian plastering business about three years ago, after doing the work on a part-time basis for two years before that. “I started my plastering business at the tender age of fifty,” he says, “because I wanted to do something different.” Rachwal describes Venetian [...]

Now that Photoshop CS3 Extended can work directly with video files, I’m receiving an increasing number of questions about the nuances of working with video files in a graphic design program.

In honor of this election year, I would like to dedicate a column to a humble bit player in the typographic repertoire: the ballot box.

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