So, I came in this morning and checked Scott’s Blog APU and I was really happy to see the Hearst Gallery’s exhibit on Bert Monroy posted! (Click on this link to go to Scott’s post which includes Bert Monroy giving a private tour)

Congratulations to Bert! If you don’t know, Bert Monroy is (and for very good reason) considered one of the most brilliant artists of the digital age. If you are in the San Fran. area, it merits a visit to the gallery to just see the scope of what Bert does. Here’s a quick peek (and I hope Bert doesn’t mind).

Here on the right is an example of an illustration. Now this specific component is made up in Illustrator and Photoshop. The twisting in the rails and the dirt and rust involves a couple of tutorials in and of themselves. When you pull back from that image and put it in perspective, that is where it gets daunting. You can see every rust spot on that small section, and the original graphic is 10 Feet Long!

For more information on Bert Monroy, make sure you go to You will find the links to the galleries, his popular Pixel Perfect podcast, and where to find his next training sessions. Of course, you can also see him on the Kelby Training Seminar tour!

Lightroom 2 Slideshow Tutorial
I often get asked about the Slideshow module in Lightroom 2. I figured we should take a couple of moments and talk about how to use it. You can find that information on the link below:

RC on Lightroom 2 – Slideshow Module

Contest Time
Go to the Contact page, select the Layers Blog drop-down, then fill in your name, email address and answer to the following question. This is a special contest where I will take submissions till Sunday 5PM, and the winners will be announced Monday morning.

The Contest Question: This is going to be a 2 Part contest.

Part 1
What is the title of the Design Makeover this month? (I’ll give you a hint. You dont need to be a subscriber to figure it out.. you might be able to get right off of the links in the website)

Part 2
Go to the Photoshop World website, browse the classes we have going this March (and there are a TON), and tell me the names of the classes Bert Monroy is teaching.

With the upcoming Photoshop World conference coming, it’s probably a good…. oh the heck with it:

(remember.. just the ticket.. we won’t pay for you to get there or hotel)

That’s it for today. Make sure you tell your friends about it.. pass it on! We’ll see you guys tomorrow!

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  2. Tyler (Reply) on Monday January 26, 2009

    Bert Monroy is Freggin Awesome

  3. Erkan (Reply) on Monday January 26, 2009

    Hehehe xD Thx :)

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