ps20I Left My Heart in San Francisco
Hey everyone! Im finally back in the saddle from San Francisco and hanging out at the Photoshop 20th Birthday celebration! I had such a great time out there meeting the engineers of one of our favorite applications, as well as some of the luminaries using Photoshop today. All in all it was great, but you don’t have to take my word for it!

Click here to see Scott’s Review of the Photoshop event in San Francisco
Click here to see Terry White’s coverage of the event.

Special thanks to Terry White for not only reporting on it, but also doing a kick butt job on the presentation.

Now moving onto Photoshop World!
One of the things that I liked about being in San Francisco was the amount of camraderie that existed between engineers, fans, and presenters. This is something that will happen again very very soon at Photoshop World in Orlando on March 24-26!

Click here to go to the Photoshop World website to register for it.

We Now Have an Iphone App!
To be able to answer the calls of many people trying to get their heads around the Photoshop World conference, its classes, instructors, and social events, we were able to get out there and develop an Iphone app that you can use for it! Exciting!!

Click here to go to itunes and download the App

Special thanks to Shawn Welch for the app design!

Keep in mind that on Friday the early bird special is gone, so if you want to save 100 dollars on the registration, you better do it soon! Pro Pass and Party tickets are also getting scarce!!

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