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Dreamweaver CS5 Review

Are you ready for Dreamweaver CS5? I hope so because the latest release of Adobe’s flagship Web design titan packs a punch and is sure to increase your layout and troubleshooting productivity with a handful of helpful new features and commands. In this review, we’ll take a look at the best new features Dreamweaver CS5 has to offer.

Dreamweaver CS5: Content Management Systems

Preview changes to your CMS inside of Dreamweaver CS5 instead of having to save them and preview them in a browser.

Dreamweaver CS5: Live View and Live Code

View and interact with live sites inside of Dreamweaver.

Dreamweaver CS5: CSS Inspect

CSS Inspect and CSS enable/disable are two new features in Dreamweaver CS5 that will assist designers organize their style sheets.

Dreamweaver CS5: Site Setup

There are some new processes for setting up a site in Dreamweaver CS5.

Dreamweaver CS5: Browser Lab

View content in various browsers on various platforms with Dreamweaver CS5′s new Browser Lab feature.

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