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Check out this really cool entry for the “How CS4 Saved The Day” from photography Craig Stocks: This example is one of salvaging a photo. On the surface, it looks like an easy fix, but it’s actually very challenging when the end result needs to be completely believable. I wanted to get started doing stock [...]

Contest Winners For Last Week Before we begin we cannot go without giving a big congrats to Last Week Blog’s winner – Beth McNabb and Layers TV Episode 104 – Aureabelle Cruz. Congratulations to the both of you!! Creating Adobe Air Applications with Fireworks In the final lesson of this tutorial, Tom Green shows how [...]

Bending Flash Video in After Effects

Match your video to the geometry of an object by using a warp effect in After Effects.

Shattering Glass with Adobe After Effects

Using After Effects’ Shatter Effect to simulate a baseball going through a glass pane.

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