About Daniel

Daniel Bryant is a Motion graphic artist and video producer from the Tampa Bay area. A graduate of Southeastern University, Daniel has worked on projects including Photoshop World, Layers TV, Photography Tips and Tricks, and KelbyTV.com. For more information on his work, visit DanielBryantMedia.com

Using Timecode in Premiere Pro

Explore several ways to display, and export Timecode on your timelines an final video exports.

Creating Bars and Tone, Titles, and Counters in Premiere Pro

Locate Bars and Tone, Titles, and Counter Options in Premiere.

Speed Ramping in Premiere Pro

Transition smoothly from fast to slow, and slow to fast with this fun feature in Adobe Premiere.

Relinking Media in Adobe Premiere Pro

Relink “Offline” and missing media files in Adobe Premiere.

After Effects – Staying Organized

From bins to media managing your project files, stay organized in Adobe After Effects.

Creating a Lower 3rd Graphic with Premiere, Part 3

Join Daniel as we go through adding motion to the 3rd installment of this lower third creation series—made totally in After Effects, no outside programs!

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