Happy Thursday everyone. After a couple of days of being under the weather, I am out among the living, ready so share some cool stuff. And boy did I have a surprise waiting for me when I got into the office today.

The shot above was one I took when I was in Hoboken about a year or so ago. I’ve always been into the moodiness of the city at dusk, and wanted to get something to bring back to FL with me for when I am homesick. I took the shot, and never really thought much about it.

Enter Artistic Photo Canvas. I sent this image to them for them to turn it into a canvas, and today, I had HUGE Fedex box and in it a sweet 12” by 60” pano on canvas. I thought it was so cool that everyone in the office was coming around to check it out and see it.

I dont know why, but its one of those things that I really didn’t think of before. When I thought of canvas, I always thought to myself that the artwork needed to be a specific ‘type’ so that it could look good.. cool photographs just didn’t play into my head. When I was at Photoshop World, I spent some time with Lew from Artistic Photo Canvas and he was able to show me some amazing work that’s being done there. That got me inspired to send the picture in and MAN am I glad I did. Wonderful job!

Come See Me at Voices That Matter – Web Design in San Fran Next Week
It’s been full speed ahead for me, getting ready for the Voices That Matter Web Design Conference in San Francisco and I think it’s going to rock. I am doing a pre-con there that I loosely called “Build that Page”. I wanted to take a web concept from a ‘general idea’ and then use as many Adobe technologies as I could to realize this. You see, I think that there are a ton of people out there that woud love to come to this conference. However, I also think that there are a bunch of people that want to get some of the skills -as a whole- under their belt so they can -appreciate- the stuff the presenters are talking about at the conference. That’s my job. I want to talk about the process of the design, in very simple terms. If you dont know about web design, or software like Lightroom, Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, Photoshop and how they apply to the web – this will give you a foundation that you can jump from. 6 hours.. tons of fun.

To register for the San Fran conference next week click on this link. The two workshops (2 3 hour classes) are 495, and you can buy them separate, or register for the -whole- conference (which is what i’m doing). And make sure you stop me and say you came from the website. I’d love to hear from you!

Cool Tutorials and Reviews
So we have a couple of cool tutorials to share with you as well.. and a great bag review from our friends at M-Rock. Check it out:

Editing Images in Photoshop then Dreamweaver by Geoff Blake
How to create a polished metal text effect using After Effects by Jay Schuh
M-ROCK Camera Bags by Mike Mackenzie

So thats the quick catch up.. hope you enjoy it. We’ll see you guys back here tomorrow morning!

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  1. Kristi (Reply) on Thursday April 23, 2009

    Luv the shot! Bit fan of cityscapes at night. This has to look absolutely beautiful on canvas.

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