Adobe Launches Carousel Mobile App

RC here from Layers Magazine, and I’m excited to tell you that Adobe has released a new app that solves a problem for consumers wanting to access their image library across machines. The product is called Adobe Carousel and has a combination of iOS app, Mac app to let you synchronize your images wherever you go. (Adobe also plans to release an Android and Windows version of this soon down the line. You can have them notify you at this link

Here at Layers Magazine I’ve spent some time playing with this app on the beta team, and the app certainly shows a lot of promise in this consumer space. The concept is pretty simple. With the Carousel app, you upload your images onto their cloud based storage. Adobe Carousel gives you options between a monthly and annual subscription – as well as a 30 day trial subscription. With this subscription, you have the ability to upload an unlimited number of JPGs to your Carousel.

Imagine setting up a family carousel of images. Once you have it set, you can allow up to 5 additional people access to this carousel, and others can upload and edit these images – providing great collaboration tools. You can provide adjustments to the images as well as crop and rotate – so you even have a good editor, right on your mobile device.

Here’s a great thing about it. So the Carousel service allows you unlimited JPG uploads – but your iOS device isnt limited. If you own a 32GB iPad, theres only so much space you have on your iPad to dedicate to images. Because these uploads are in the cloud, only the images that you are looking at and editing are available to you. The images you have stored on the cloud are available to you on demand, freeing the space that you have on your iOS or desktop device – a boon to consumers that take a lot of pictures.

Make sure you click on the links above to take a look at the app in more depth, and to sign up for a free 30 day trial. One of our contributors here at Kelby Media Group, Rob Sylvan (who is also the author of Lightroom 2 for Dummies) has a walkthrough of the Carousel app for you guys to check out. Click on the link below to get you started:

Rob Sylvan – A Lightroom Carousel Walkthrough

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  1. bigsands (Reply) on Thursday October 27, 2011

    Hi Rafael, It sounds like an App solution for a problem that most people would not care about. What feedback have you had and how well is the App doing.

  2. Grant Brooks (Reply) on Thursday October 27, 2011

    I this Adobe Carousel will work on my tablets too..

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